How to Create & Increase Synchronicity

Are you wondering how to create and increase synchronicity? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Nothing happens by chance, it is said: what we call coincidences are the result of synchronicity.

Have you ever been in a situation where there were so many coincidences that they seemed magical to you? Or find hidden connections between events, such as invisible threads that connect various locations and protagonists?

When you’re thinking about someone, you might get a call from him or meet him. Chance, energy, and fate?

In psychology, we talk about synchronicity, a mysterious and magical aspect of our universe that is also real.

How to Create & Increase Synchronicity

Now we’ll look at how we can create favourable coincidences or synchronicities for ourselves and our lives.

Everything appears to happen at a completely random pace. But if you keep seeing the same number, whether it’s on a digital watch, inside a phone number you’ve just received, or inside the licence plate of a car, you’ll start to pay attention to it and try to figure out what it means. Here’s where it gets interesting.

I need to take certain steps to receive messages from the Universe in the form of favourable coincidences or synchronic events.

First and foremost, I must be clear about why I want to receive these messages. Is this a unique individual? A job that makes me happy? Do you have any new friendships? Is there a way to solve a problem? Solve a problem that I’m passionate about? Trying to choose between two possibilities? Whatever it is, it must be crystal clear in my mind. If there isn’t any clarity, I won’t even read the messages that come in.

Another crucial aspect is to recognise that every coincidence will be valuable only to me and no one else. Let me give an example: if I’m thinking of my mother, who is no longer with me, and a beautiful butterfly appears wandering around me, I immediately assume that the butterfly is not there by chance, but rather is my mother’s response to my thought. Of course, for the most logical and sceptical person, all of this makes no sense. But it has for me, and that is important.

As a result, it’s critical to pay close attention to everything that happens around us to grasp the connections formed between the external and internal worlds.

Everyone will find his or her path. Everyone will be responsible for putting his or her own in. This is how it functions.

How to increase my synchronicity?

Coincidences happen to everyone. Some, on the other hand, are unique. They are synchronicities that have a strong emotional resonance for us. Nine favourable factors make it possible to increase their frequency.

Coincidence occurs when two or more events happen at the same time by chance. A synchronicity is a significant coincidence between an objective and a psychic event that cannot be explained by reason or a causal mechanism. It’s a significant coincidence that leaves a lasting and unsettling impression.

A link is established between the observer’s inner psyche and the objective outer world. Spirit and matter are at odds. Suddenly. The coincidence is significant because it occurs at precisely the right time. Mysteriously and joyfully.

Using traditional methods, science is unable to investigate synchronicities. Because we are not in the domain of reason, but rather of the sensitive: emotions, intuition, and feelings are all intertwined. To comprehend synchronicities, we must think in a quantum way, as in the East, with a global and collective approach, rather than in a classical way, as in the West, with a local and individual approach.

Several theories are employed. Philippe Guillemant reviews the various approaches to the underlying order that allow chance manifestations: CGJung and WEPauli’s collective unconscious, D. Bohm’s implicit order, R. Sheldrake’s morphic fields, D. Peat’s hidden order, J.-F. Vézina’s necessary chances…

Nine factors that favour the appearance of synchronicities are revealed when two theories are combined.

  1. have a genuine need for help. The significance of the coincidence stems from the fact that it responds to a real need.
  2. make a request related to a real concern. This makes it possible to make the coincidence intelligible.
  3. take the risk of getting wet through risky, unreasonable and above all not reasoned behavior. Go beyond your limits.
  4. ask for something the achievement of which will have a real impact on their life path (change). Accepting novelty allows you to change your life path.
  5. keep your free will: above all do not ask the “Angel” to choose for him because autonomy depends on free will.
  6. achieve a sufficient level of detachment and letting go which allows lability (ability to change).
  7. see the birth in oneself of an authentic inner smile. The confidence shown by the inner smile is the key to participation.
  8. get out of habits and off the beaten track at the time of the request. This creates the creative chaos that brings in the trickster (rascal or prankster).
  9. to position oneself in the gift of oneself and to feel the love that accompanies it. The love is the amplification factor of the power non-local intent.

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How Shadow Work & Self-Love Increases Synchronicity

Shadow work is a process of building self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love.

The more we learn more about ourselves and heal our inner wounds with shadow work, the easier it is for us to make great shifts in our life.

However, not everyone is ready for shadow work. It’s actually something people must be called to do.

Many of our readers who find our website tell us all the time that finding us is has been a blessing.

They tell me it’s a blessing, meanwhile, I think it’s fate.

Something in them has already shown an interest in building self-love and self-awareness. That’s why they’ve found this website.

It’s synchronicity.

The fact that you found this page might be a sign that you’re ready to do shadow work and learn more about yourself.

If you think fate has brought you here today, then⁠—

Here are some resources I recommend:

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