30+ Powerful Affirmations for Shadow Work

Are you looking for insightful affirmations for shadow work? You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve done lots of research on the shadow and shadow work, and I’ve come up with a list of powerful affirmations that you can use to get in touch with your unconscious self.

Make sure to come back often as I add more to the list over time!

If you don’t know what shadow work or inner child healing is, check out the comprehensive Shadow Work Guide here.

Shadow Work affirmations for childhood trauma

“They were doing their best with their limited experience and view of life.”

“I accept that I will never get the parenting I needed and wanted.”

“My inner child can feel safe because I am here now.”

“What they did was done out of weakness and fear.”

“It’s not my fault.”

Shadow Work for relationships

“Sometimes there’s more love in the world when certain people don’t have a relationship.”

“Many people seek love in ignorant ways because they don’t know any better.”

“I stay away from relationships that consistently leave me drained.”

“They did it because they were ignorant and desperate for love.”

“I won’t let a figment of someone’s imagination control my life.”

Shadow Work for self-love

“Everything that happens in my life brings more love into the world.”

“Lasting fulfillment and validation can only come from within.”

“Everyone grows in different ways on different days.”

“The qualities I want to have are within me already.”

“Everything that I have is everything I’ve wanted.”

“I don’t need praise and I don’t need approval.”

“I don’t need a reason to like the things I like.”

“What I say matters because I matter.”

“I’ve never been better.”

Shadow Work affirmations for anxiety

“All opinions are random, everyone has their own perspectives and their own ignorance.”

“I won’t actively seek feedback because I’m really looking for validation and approval.”

“My aim is to let go of what the world thinks I ‘should be‘ doing with my life.”

“I am completely independent of the good or bad opinions of others”

“Life isn’t about controlling everything. Life is about enjoying it.”

“My aim is to seeing things as presently as possible.”

“I commit to loving myself and my life.”

Shadow Work affirmations for anger

“I’m not entitled to respect or honesty. But I can find people who treasure it as much as I do.”

“Evil is only indifference due to ignorance. There will always be people with limited views.”

“If it’s not my responsibility, if it’s ridiculous, if I feel unsure – I feel free to say NO.”

“My life isn’t sacred. I live in reality where things aren’t perfect.”

“I accept the great challenge of making peace with reality.”

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Check out A Light Among Shadows: A Guide to Self-Love & Being here.

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  1. […] Affirmations – By saying affirmations aloud you will hold yourself accountable. You can also shove your assertions into your subconscious by brute repetition. This is not what I'm referring to. When you speak a deep truth within yourself you will feel sensations within. These sensations are indeed an indication you've spoken a deep truth that your shadow agrees with. Take the time to make affirmations that stir you on a deeper level. […]

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