Shadow work for anxiety, trauma and fear

Are you looking for information on shadow work for anxiety, trauma, and fear? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Before we dive into these topics, let’s make sure you understand some key concepts.

What is shadow, and what is shadow work?

The shadow is the side of yourself that’s disconnected and unfelt. It’s the part of yourself that’s been rejected since childhood, and you have no awareness of.

Shadow Work is integrating the entire spectrum of your being. It’s the intentional process of admitting the parts of yourself you’ve ignored and repressed.

Now understand that you won’t be able to clear all of your anxiety, trauma, and fear with what you learn here today. You might need to see your therapist for that.

BUT I’m sure what you learn will be incredibly helpful for your understanding and awareness.

Shadow work for anxiety and fear

Fear is ultimately a childish emotion. It’s an unwillingness to accept something that you didn’t create or design.

When you have anxiety or fear about going on a date, it’s because you haven’t integrated a part of yourself that allows you to date with confidence.

After you gain experience dating, you feel more confident in your skin, you’re more relaxed and willing to have fun, or even leave if necessary.

Fear comes from the belief that you are losing control. When ironically, you aren’t in control at most times.

Fear primarily originates from your inner child not feeling secure in the world. It’s a part of your inner world that has failed to integrate and mature.

You need to be willing to let the chips fall where they may.

Another reason a person lives with fear is that it’s what they’ve grown used to since they were a child.

Some people feel a sense of purpose and are much more driven when under the pressure of their fears. Then when the source of anxiety passes over, they get depressed.

They feel their life has lost all meaning.

This is an unhealthy addiction to things such as drama and trouble.

Fear only exists to protect fear.

When you are afraid of something, you come up with reasons why you can’t overcome your issue. This is a trick of the mind.

This self-deception helps you maintain your illusion that you’re in control. Remember, fear comes from the belief that you are losing control.

When you decide to overcome the ‘reason,’ you will quickly realize that it was just a bullshit excuse to keep you stuck in your comfort zone.

The mind is a great liar who uses fear to make you feel like you are in control of your life by avoiding what you fear.

While you do have control in your life, it’s not as much as you’d think. There are far more things outside of your control than within your control.

It takes a lot of maturity to accept this.

Because maturity is understanding that you are part of a whole. When you are part of everything, there is nothing to be afraid of.

When we see something in the world as separate from us, we believe we need to control it.

This is the fundamental difference between love and fear.

Every fear blocks a possibility. Integrating a fear allows you to be more of who you truly are, so you can access these formerly blocked possibilities.

Shadow work for trauma

The easiest way to apply shadow work for trauma is by integrating our triggers.

You can learn more about these triggers in the following articles:

Triggers are those qualities and actions you witness that emotionally affect you significantly.

For example, a woman beaten by her angry father growing up may be triggered whenever a man raises his voice. In response to this trigger, she may instinctively take a step back and hold her arms out in front of her.

Triggers are a source of self-doubt and insecurity. They make us feel as if we have no control of ourselves at the given moment. As a result, we feel internally shaken to react in a certain way.

Keep in mind that your trigger isn’t imprinted within your current adult self. More often, your triggers are ingrained within your inner child. Which explains the child-like powerlessness.

By integrating the qualities that trigger you by appropriate amounts, they lose their power over you.

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