Shadow Work for Beginners

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Learn everything you need to know about shadow work, inner child work, and your unconscious behavior. By the end of this course you will have better self-awareness to unlock your full potential. 

What You Will Learn:

Beginner Material

  • What is the Shadow?
  • How is the Unconscious Shadow Formed?
  • What is Shadow Work?
  • Why is Shadow Work Important?
  • Benefits of Shadow Work
  • How to Identify Your Shadow

Advanced Material

  • EMOTIONAL MATURITY aka Inner Child Work


  • Dream Work Series ($59 VALUE)
  • A Complete Guide to Inner Child Healing
  • Triggers & Curative Integrations Videos
  • Shadow Work for Relationships (3 FREE Videos)
  • 10% OFF selected products from DsR Media
  • FREE Self-Love Subliminal from Mindful & Mending

Here’s a quick rundown of everything included in your purchase:

Shadow Work Series v3.0
This is a streamlined version of the Shadow Work Series. Improved video and audio quality. The series is divided into clips varying in length, for your pacing and viewing convenience.

Shadow Work Course v2.0 Audio File
The entire Shadow Work Course in a single audio file so you can listen to anywhere.

Shadow Work Course v1.0
This is the original version of my Shadow Work Course. Watch the entire course in one sitting and follow along with my visuals and personal style of presentation.

Course PowerPoint | Course PowerPoint Notes
The Shadow Work Course PowerPoint visuals you see in the course footage, and Course PowerPoint Notes, are included with your purchase.

30 Shadow Work Prompts | 30 MORE Shadow Work Prompts
These two eBooks contain a total of sixty shadow work prompts for you to use for self-inquiry. These prompts will help you develop self-awareness, heal your inner child, experience self-love, and uncover your potential.

Dream Work Series
Learn how to interpret your dreams to build your relationship with your unconscious mind by deciphering the hidden material your psyche wants you to integrate.

A Complete Guide to Inner Child Healing
An in-depth video guide to inner child healing.

Triggers & Curative Integrations Videos
Learn to identify your emotional triggers and what respective qualities to integrate.

Shadow Work for Relationships (3 FREE Videos)
Learn attachment theory, practical inner work, and how to develop an earned secure attachment style to put an end to your cycle of bad relationships.

Self-Love Subliminal | Mandala Designs | Notes on Subliminal & Mandalas
A subliminal audio that repeats self-love affirmations and seven mandala designs for use of Active Imagination.

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You will like Shadow Work for Beginners if you enjoy this content material.

  • You will receive all updates to the items mentioned above at no additional cost.

NOTE: Many phones don’t support the mp4/MOV formats of the videos. Please use a desktop when downloading the files in your purchase.


What if I’m brand new to Shadow Work?

Fantastic! The Shadow Work Course will help you get a running start with exploring shadow work. You could spend years trying to figure out how your unconscious works, OR you could start doing inner work NOW.

What if I’m already performing shadow work?

Would you like to strengthen your relationship  with your unconscious even more? Almost everyone I meet – no matter how long they’ve been performing shadow work – has huge challenges they’re struggling with. In the Shadow Work Course, I share the BEST techniques and obscure knowledge that will help you quickly take things to the next level, no matter how many years of experience you do or don’t have.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After purchasing, you have unlimited access to this course, you can download the course on as many devices as you’d like, for as long as you like.

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

What if I’m unhappy with the course?

I would never want you to be unhappy! But due to the downloadable nature of this product, this purchase is non-refundable.

Disclaimer: Advice provided without warranty. This is NOT medical advice. By watching & applying this advice you agree to take 100% responsibility for all consequences.

67 reviews for Shadow Work for Beginners

  1. Eric

    Before the course I wasn’t sure I was doing shadow work correctly. I didn’t know if I expected too much or not enough. This course was just what I needed. Now I’ve never felt so…. Real. Like I’m who I’m supposed to be. It’s not just a Shadow Work course, there is life advice in here too.

  2. Harlee

    Good content like usual. Fix the audio hiccups and it’d be perfect

  3. Aileen G

    I cannot thank you enough for your help, and I seriously had to tell you what this means to me.

  4. King Covid

    glad to have something to read on the screen, i have trouble listening. there aren’t captions but the pp was helpful

  5. Christina Ortiz-Sanchez

    The section on Projection psychology is my favorite part of the whole course, highly recommend!

    Don’t be fooled by the description, Rich spends a lot of time going rlly in-depth on the advanced sections.

  6. Justin

    I was dealing with some internalized shame, and I also needed some shadow work done. I feel so much more confident after applying the lessons in the course. The course and ebooks helped me to understand things about shadow work that I hadn’t considered previously.

  7. Claire Cox

    Oh my gosh I looved this! There is so much more about shadow work than i thought and the new journal promts are made me think a lot more than the first ones

  8. McKayla

    I just got this today and i looked at the triggers cheatsheet. Im triggered by almost all of them, but now i know everythong to integrate. Looking forward to watching the course!

  9. Lulani Kaʻuhane

    The course is much easier the understand then the guide. He also spoke about his own experience doing shadow work nd inner child work. He really does know what he’s talking about

  10. honey

    He talks about his personal experience and i could really feel what he was going thru. It was really helpful!

  11. Tania Gasparini

    Very comprehensive. Good mix of theory, backed up with examples and practical demonstrations. This will stimulate you to really take a step back and understand yourself as well as being able to apply to real life situations, so be prepared to be challenged on your own behaviors and values. Highly recommended.

  12. Catherine Wilson

    Very good match because I am deeply interested in psychology and in particular in reference to emotional behaviours. Covers all subject matter with great gusto and you really get the impression that he is talking just to you.

  13. Raiza

    Insightful and truly an amazing experience!!!

  14. Rosemary Calgary

    I love the way he explains everything. He makes it super clear and understandable, I feel it is the truth and it is very good for me (I think everybody) to understand this part of us and know how to deal with it.

  15. Angie Thorse

    Shadow work is the most authentic way to feel whole and balance inside. I practiced shadow work years back. This course helps you so much on that path! Keep up the good work!

  16. Tanya

    This was a great match. I find connecting to the inner child very powerful and the facilitator was calm in nature and tone. Beautiful

  17. Louisa Carrillo

    Fantastic!…it made me cry ..a lot.but I guess I needed that…so thank you!??

  18. A. Oliver

    This was an intense, engaging, insightful, detailed course,with captivating and interest grabbing presentation and and genuine demonstration. Not just a course but an experience. Thanks for sharing and spreading this change- method of helping others with the world

  19. Jennifer Blake

    Very informative!

  20. Ana Zaruk

    It’s a good course

  21. Candy Stclair

    I loved this course! The instructor was very natural and knowledgeable. I will use some of this wonderful coping skills in my everyday life.

  22. Nada Fadhl

    I find this a very useful course as I’m putting down lots of notes. Will definitely recommend 😉

  23. Saleh Ibrahim AL-Hanash

    The Course is helpful, i know too much details about it , but i liked the pace & the flow of information & how he connected it together

    i liked also the techniques & exercises

  24. Amanda Greenough

    will be healing myself more before helping others. cant wait

  25. Jman

    Life changing information

  26. Karla and Devin

    Worth it

  27. Jennifer K.

    It’s my first time learning about shadow work and this was a wonderful introduction for me. The ideas can get quite complex and philosophical, so I rewatched a lot of the videos to really absorb the meaning of the words. If you are doing shadow work or are interested in it, definitely get this.

  28. Aziza ali

    It touched me and found it quiet useful

  29. Yvonne Phillips

    Yes very insightful and knowledge based for me. I really learned a fair bit. It ties things together nicely. Thank you.

  30. Carlos


  31. Geraldine Simmons

    Too long and pdfs didn’t work on my tablet

    Update – He messaged me directly and he showed me how to access the pdfs and told me there was an updated version of the course! 5-stars

  32. Elizabeth M.

    Everything is professionally done. The 3 ebook ls are great. Even the course was good it could have been done better. He does mention that we get free updates and i hope he updates the video quality

  33. krista

    Better than anything i found online or on youtube,

  34. Jackie K.

    Easy to understand and well spoken. I got exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much!

  35. Helena

    Wonderful insights

  36. Jessica

    Absolutely love this course, just finished and excited about the shadow prompts!

  37. Neety

    It’s good

  38. Mayra g

    I follow a lot of shadow work tiktok accounts, and this is the best course ive found. Even if a man made it..

  39. Sara

    Before I was feeling overwhelmed with life issues. I’d been wanting to regain focus, but I didn’t know how to get started on inner child work. I was shocked by how much i learned in a few short hours. I’m also impressed with the shadow work prompts, as they got me to reflect on things I wasn’t considering (but needed help with).

  40. Mariam M.

    Every person that truly wants to understand personal/human behaviors and how to become a better person should get this! One of the best products I got in psychology!!!

  41. Shari Kaeding

    Good so far, very interesting.

  42. Aletta Coetzee

    It was very informative and well presented

  43. Alma Heiberg

    Presenter is clear and explain everything in understandable terms.

    I find it easy to relate to him and appreciate his passion and authenticity!

  44. Elaine Foster

    Great course!!! Very clear and informative with a great ton of tools to get started! Worthwhile investment and looking forward to his other courses.

  45. Janette

    An enjoyable and thoughtful video series, it explains how to find integration of out while psyche through reconciliation with our forgotten shadow self.

  46. Elizabeth Roden

    The presentation of this course is very well laid out. The course work given is perfect. I completed it on the go, at work, and at home. I was able to print out the workbook. This was an exceptional course.

  47. Mostafa Ebied

    Gives great insights on the shadow personality. And how can one reconciliate ego consciousness and his shadow to live a well balanced life.

  48. EM

    Great guide to help facilitate shadow work

  49. K Asher

    Anyone going through The Dark Night of the Soul will benefit from this completely.

  50. Ejanae

    I watched the free video guide on youtube and decided to give this a shot. Well worth it!!

  51. Daniel

    It may be because I am at the appropriate stage (mid fifties) but I found this work to be amplifying many of the thoughts and ideologies. The presentation added great clarity to my understanding of the dualities that carry us through our lives.

  52. Marvin

    A must have if you want to discover your meaning of life. Radical because is not what we are taught in school, at home or at church.

  53. London Torres

    Everything makes SO much sense! Super in-depth about projection, especially with the triggers pdf. I learned everything i needed to integrate from my shadow to fix my triggers. The emotional maturity section is also very direct, and he shows you how to do inner child work and how your current life is exactly what ur subconsious mind wants and how to change that. Highly recommend!

  54. Danielle H.

    I thoroughly enjoyed all the content in this course! Very interesting and exactly what I was looking to learn regarding dream interpretation! Very well taught. Very clear and well explained! Thank you!

  55. Louisa

    Wonderful. I love his TikToks! If you do to, get this bc it just gets better

  56. Leonor Crystal

    A wonderful lesson on shadow and shadow work. Grounded, spiritual and deep. Strongly recommend it for therapists and any person studying human consciousness.

  57. Amber Stratton

    Amazing influencer. Very interesting and easy to understand.

  58. Karla B.

    This is a gem!

  59. Sri1

    I found this course to be incredibly valuable in understanding some of my behaviors which didn’t make any sense. I strongly recommend this to anyone seeking to better understand themselves.

  60. Lesley H.

    I found the course to be enlightening and enjoyable. Taught me things I didn’t know and also things I didn’t know that I already knew.

    Would definitely recommend this course.

  61. Kobus B.

    Great introduction to dream interpretation. Easy to follow. Would have loved some notes and a list of resources. Thank you.

  62. Melanie C.

    Very well made and great for getting to know what makes our inner demons (shadow) tick.. you have to come to terms with yourself and accept that we all have a dark side.

  63. Danni

    Very helpful, an extension of Carl Jung’s work. If you like Jungian philosophy/psychology,you’ll like this!

  64. Maribela

    It’s giving intuitive

  65. Alexander Debelov

    This is by far the best description of the shadow and what to do about it that I have ever come across. The speaker is articulate, clear and concise. It was excellent and a pleasure.

  66. Alexandria K.

    I’ve DMed him and he was so helpful, plz let me have ur babies! 💜

  67. Dan C.

    His insights are deep and incredibly valuable. I am a big fan of his work.

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