30 Shadow Work Prompts for Relationships

Are you looking for shadow work prompts for relationships?

Shadow Work journal prompts are one of the easiest ways for a beginner to build a relationship with their shadow.

What is the Shadow? The shadow is the part of your personality that’s hidden outside of your awareness.

It’s another side of you that has its own desires and wants. In fact, it’s the unseen reason why you’re life is how it is right now.

What do I mean by that?

Well, while you have your own desires and dreams, your unconscious shadow might not agree with what you want.

Whether you like it or not, your shadow has more control over your life than you do.

And until you get yourselves both on the same page, you’ll continue living the cycles you’ve been repeating your entire life.

This is where Shadow Work comes in—

Shadow Work is connecting the unconscious side of yourself to your conscious awareness.

There are many techniques for shadow work and they all serve the same goal:

To get the unconscious and conscious in touch with each other.

All it takes to get in touch with the shadow is to come into agreement with it.

In a sense, shadow work serves as a confessional that’s sometimes cathartic.

If you want to further study the shadow, check out the book list, or my life-changing Shadow Work Course.

Shadow Work Journal Prompts

The purpose of these journal prompts is to stir your unconscious mind until you feel sensations in your body.

For example, when I do shadow work I get a nice feeling in my arms and legs. Sometimes I’ll even get a feeling of ‘centeredness’ in the pit of my stomach.

These bodily sensations typically mean that you’ve appeased the unconscious.

However, it’s not all smiles and good feelings.

People who are new to shadow work can get emotional since they haven’t come to terms with their other half.

If you get emotional or have any sensations, be sure to feel them through.

Go deeper by speaking aloud for your unconscious mind to hear, then pay attention for a ‘response’.

Or start writing to your shadow. Then after a moment, write a response you think your shadow would give.

Keep in mind that your unconscious shadow can only reach you indirectly, so you have to trust yourself that you can tap into it.

That being said—

Try to reach the deepest truths about yourself, even if it goes against what you’d normally expect.

Here are prompts specifically designed to get you in touch with your shadow:

Shadow Work Prompts for Relationships

  1. How does the way other people treat me reflect how I treat myself?
  2. Are you honestly happy in your relationships? How can you strengthen them?
  3. Who in your life do you feel like you need to wear a mask around in order to fit in?
  4. Do you find yourself putting a wall up when confronted with certain discussions? What are they, and why?
  5. Do you find yourself putting a wall up when confronted with certain discussions?  What are they, and why?
  6. Do you often find yourself overthinking what you’ve said or how you’ve acted? What usually triggers this?
  7. What aspects of yourself would you like to improve? Why? Has anyone in your past ever made comments suggesting that you should? If so, how did this make you feel?

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