Can you kill your inner child?

Are you wondering if you can kill your inner child?

No, you can’t kill your inner child. Because your inner child is the true, uncontaminated essence of who you are; that which is spirited, creative, authentic, and accepting.

To kill your inner child means to plainly commit suicide.

Many adults who commit suicide are those who are dealing with pain that stems from their wounded inner child.

This is because their inner child holds false beliefs such as “I’m not worthy of love”, “I am useless”, etc.

So they kill their wounded inner child via suicide to bring themselves relief.

What soul-crushing experiences damage you inner child?

The following is a list of examples of how you destroy a child’s soul and inflict inner child wounds:

Inconsistency teaches a child to repress their own spontaneity in hopes of maintaining a sense of stability. This means that the only consistency is emotional denial.

Excessive Strictness prevents a child from development and growth.

Unpredictability teaches a person to live in chronic fear. This is due to constantly feeling as if they’re walking on eggshells, which can drive a person crazy.

Arbitrary Punishment teaches someone to be distrustful of the world and of themselves. The helplessness this creates leads to chronic depression.

Physical/Emotional Abuse teaches shame, guilt, and emotional self-abandonment.

Constant Drama teaches you that life is a constant crisis, so far that you no longer feel any fulfillment if you aren’t going through troubling times.

Lack of Communication teaches you to stay silent, unexpressive, and passive; learned denial.

Constant Loss of Control teaches you to be obsessive about control or loss of boundaries.

Mistreatment leads to denying emotions and reality.

Family Secrets prevent you from asking questions. Being brushed off stirs up feelings of fear, anger, shame, and guilt.

Lack of Boundaries results in everyone’s life revolving around a problematic person to the point that you have issues with self-trust and relating to others.

Here are some resources I recommend:

Shadow Work for Beginners is based on my in-depth research and personal experiences with shadow work, projection, sadomasochism, inner child healing, triggers, and all things shadow. This resource gets updated at no additional cost.

A Light Among Shadows is a guide on self-love and being. This series goes over consciousness, spirituality, philosophy, and makes sense of why people are the way they are. Recommended for anyone dealing with resentment and self-hate. Learn more here.

Shadow Work for Relationships teaches you everything you need to know about attachment theory, practical inner work, and your dysfunctional behavior. By the end of this, you will have developed your earned secure attachment style so you can put an end to your cycle of bad relationships.


Shadow Work Journal: 240 Daily Shadow Work Prompts contains inner work exercises related to relationships, anger, anxiety, self-love, healing trauma, abandonment issues, depression, forgiveness, etc.

Self-Love Subliminal for self-hypnotism that will help you change your behavior and gain self-love, self-awareness, better relationships, greater health, and improve your creativity.

Shadow Play (or “DsR”) is a sister website that goes over “sensual” shadow work through BDSM experiences. If you are 18+ and are interested, go here.

Mindful & Mending is a small website that’s about self-hypnosis, affirmations, auto-suggestion, and more techniques & tools to help you shift your unconscious mind. Check it out here.

Inner Shadow Work on TikTok and Instagram.


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