Best Books on Shadow Work & Unconscious Mind

This list of books on shadow work and unconscious behavior doesn’t include research papers or extensive works.

Instead this shadow work book list contains material that’s digestible for readers with an interest in the unconscious.

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Here is a list of books on Shadow Work to help you identify your unconscious behavior, heal your inner child, and integrate your shadow:


Meeting The Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature is a compilation of works exploring the shadow in regards to childhood trauma, relationships, repressed emotions, integration, and much more.


Games People Play reveals the unconscious relationships and behaviors we have with the people in our lives. It explains why people act the way they do and helps improve our relationships by increasing our awareness of the games being played.


I’m Okay, You’re Okay builds on the ideas presented in Games People Play and shows you what regressive behaviors you’ve been indulging within your relationships and what shift to make so you can break out of your old, outdated patterns.


Existential Kink is a fresh take on how your shadow underhandedly takes control of your life without you knowing, and teaches you how to confront your other self and take back control of your life.


King, Warrior, Magician, Lover gives you insight on what toxic masculinity and toxic femininity truly is by showing you the two polarities of your shadow and what traits makes someone a matured, actualized person.


How To Be An Adult is for the person who wants to heal their inner child and understand how the impact of their parent’s actions, or lack thereof, had on their psyche, and how it’s holding them back from being a fully matured adult.

Outwitting the Devil is a fantastic self-help book, but more importantly it’s an incredible example of writing where the author is engaging with his active imagination; an essential tool for shadow work.


Owning Your Own Shadow is a quick overview of how the shadow self works in terms of projection, circumstances, and how the unconscious came to be.


Inner Gold points out the positive aspects of our unhinged shadow persona and how it takes time for us to develop and be ready to shift our unconscious into our conscious and receive the shadow’s gifts.


The 48 Laws of Power is a book that focuses on the topic of power, yet what people fail to understand is that everyone engages on all of these techniques to varying degrees, whether unconscious or not.

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  1. KWML is the best book ive read about masculinity. Really made me understand why people call what we have now toxic masculinity.Most men just havent matured yet

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