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Manifestation for Money and Success

The following is a short excerpt from the Manifestation Manual titled "Manifestation for Money & Success".

What Is Manifestation?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "manifest" as something "able to be seen" or  "clearly shown or visible."

The act of manifesting is making something tangible and able to be experienced by the physical senses.

Our ideas, dreams, and goals all exist in the fifth dimension. They live in our minds. Manifestation is the process where we make them three-dimensional realities.

Manifestation consists of aligning yourself with your goal so it can express itself in the physical world.

Today, many New Age schools use this term to refer to the strategies to materialize a goal by focusing their thoughts and emotion on the desired outcome.

Manifestation for money and success

Manifesting money is similar to manifesting anything. You need a clear intention, raise your vibration, and address limiting beliefs.

Change your mindset

Manifestation is more about feeling than thinking in this case. It isn't about fantasizing about having a large sum of money. Instead, it's about developing a sensation of abundance.

For example, when was the last time you stopped to be grateful for the food on your table?

You should tune into the feeling of abundance by practicing gratitude.

Be grateful for the food, family, and friends you have, as well as the roof over your head. No matter how much money you have, be grateful for it.

Whatever you focus on expands. That is what you will experience if you focus on debts and scarcity.

When you focus on wealth and feel abundant, you open yourself up to new possibilities to attract more money into your life.

Work on your relationship with money

You should consider your relationship with money if you want to use the law of attraction to attract more wealth into your life.

Do you consider money to be your friend or your enemy?

When you dislike someone, you instinctively try to avoid becoming close to them. The same applies to money.

Do you get upset all the time because you don't have enough money? Do you consider money to be an issue?

If this is the case, you will not attract a lot of money into your life.

The opposite is also true. Obsessing over money will not get you very far. It's similar to when you're dating someone, and you become very clingy.

Address your limiting beliefs

Many people store limiting beliefs about money in their subconscious minds. You may have adopted some from our families or the surroundings in which you grew up.

Perhaps you've heard that money is the source of all evil or that the wealthy are horrible people.

These ideas have an impact on your relationship with money and your ability to obtain more.

You must first discover them before you can modify them.

Meditation promotes self-awareness and is a beneficial technique for personal development. It might assist you in identifying fears that are deeply embedded in your subconscious mind.

Then, you can reprogram them with positive affirmations and visualization.

Check out the Manifestation Manual: The Path of Least Resistance for more in-depth manifestation techniques for love, moneypregnancy, and much more.

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Here are some resources I recommend:

Shadow Work for Beginners is based on my in-depth research and personal experiences with shadow work, projection, sadomasochism, inner child healing, triggers, and all things shadow. This course is updated every year and gets new content at no additional cost.


Shadow Work for Relationships teaches you everything you need to know about attachment theory, practical inner work, and your dysfunctional behavior. By the end of this, you will have developed your earned secure attachment style so you can put an end to your cycle of bad relationships.


A Light Among Shadows is a guide on self-love and being. This short course goes over consciousness, spirituality, philosophy, and makes sense of why people are the way they are. Recommended for people dealing with resentment and self-hate. Learn more here.

Shadow Work Journal: 240 Daily Shadow Work Prompts contains inner work exercises related to relationships, anger, anxiety, self-love, healing trauma, abandonment issues, depression, forgiveness, etc.

Manifestation Manual: The Path of Least Resistance bundle teaches you some holistic and systems thinking along with how to mend your inner child wounds so you can align with your higher self and move forward in life. This includes 20 video clips as a free bonus.

Shadow Play (or “DsR”) is a small sister website that goes over “sensual” shadow work through my BDSM experiences. If you are 18+ and are interested, go here.

Inner Shadow Work on TikTok and Instagram.

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