Shadow Work Journal: 240 Daily Shadow Work Prompts

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There is currently a limited time offer where you can get the Shadow Work Journal for FREE included within a purchase of A Light Among Shadows. If you’re interested, click here.

This purchase of the Shadow Work Journal ebook includes the following:

  • 30 Shadow Work Prompts for Relationships
  • 30 Shadow Work Prompts for Anger
  • 30 Shadow Work Prompts for Anxiety
  • 30 Shadow Work Prompts for Self-Love
  • 30 Shadow Work Prompts for Healing Trauma
  • 30 Shadow Work Prompts for Abandonment Issues (Codependency)
  • 30 Shadow Work Prompts for Depression
  • 30 Shadow Work Prompts for Forgiveness (Letting Go)

TOTAL: 240 Shadow Work Prompts


Is this a physical product?

No, this is NOT a physical product. This is a digital product in PDF format.

How long do I have access to the ebook?

How does lifetime access sound? After purchasing, you have unlimited access to this ebook, you can download the ebook on as many devices as you’d like, for as long as you like.

What if I’m unhappy with the course?

I would never want you to be unhappy! But due to the downloadable nature of this product, this purchase is non-refundable.

Disclaimer: Advice provided without warranty. This is NOT medical advice. By watching & applying this advice you agree to take 100% responsibility for all consequences.

18 reviews for Shadow Work Journal: 240 Daily Shadow Work Prompts

  1. Adelyn

    This is an absolute must for anyone who already journals and wants to bring depth to his writing or wants to take his first steps in journaling in order to grow.

    Usually I journal by simply putting on paper whatever comes to mind at the moment. Thats great but writing a journal to me was about getting to know myself a bit better and that requires guidance. Thats why this journal was a great addition to my writing routines.

  2. Bethany Nicholson

    The Shadow Work Journal is simply a breath of fresh air. It is filled with thought-provoking questions to ponder, and then an area to work through it all. In an otherwise crazy world, The Journal inspires me to take a few moments each day to not only learn something new but get in touch with feelings previously uncovered for many years if not decades. I look forward to reading and filling out each thoughtful page and when the year is done

  3. Manisha Stevenson

    The writing exercises can not only help someone clarify their values but also start laying the path for identifying a map to make more choices in line with them. I would recommend this journal for anyone looking to take steps towards better understanding what is truly important to them and living better. This would also make an self-care excellent gift for yourself or a loved one

  4. Marwah Pearce

    This work ebook is very powerful.
    Just the first few pages were a huge insight into my life and my being!

  5. Vickie Gill

    Thoughtful, thought-provoking and up-lifting. The exercises are wonderful and well conceived and I have really enjoyed using this journal in my process of self-development.

    Thanks so much for this gem!

  6. Darnell Rodriquez

    seems like a very useful book for everyone

  7. Isobel Dickson

    I love all the different prompts

  8. Jennie Christensen

    Ok so I rarely write reviews…but I just received this download a few hours ago, have really been working on self love. I just started reading some of the prompts and by the 6th page I was already emotional. I know I am on the right path.

    Don’t hesitate.. buy this book, share this book with others. I know I will. I will update my review once I’ve completed the journal.

    Here’s some love to everyone who opens their heart to this book and this review.

  9. Nayla Morris

    This is an amazing thought exercise! I think as an adult we usually think back to our childhood to analyze pass traumas or examine the way our childhoods differ from others and how it impacts is as adults. This journal takes a new approach! It provides prompts that help you think back to a moment without telling you what to feel, but allows space for your range of emotions and give suggestions on how to reflect from your adult lens. It really feels like I’m writing an amazing gift for my future self to look back on.

  10. Armani Gill


  11. Victoria

    I was sold just from the title alone. The writing prompts are very though provoking and such a great way to reflect.

  12. Siena B

    This helped me a great deal in confronting some of my problems that I had been carrying around for years.

  13. Alexa Torres

    Amazing I gained so much insight and it really added to the foundation of how I live my life and see myself and others. Thank you

  14. Rose Anna Ainslie

    Definitely progressing toward 5 stars! I came bac and got the self love course, AND IT COMES WITH THIS IN IT! it also comess with a coupon for his shadow work course thats good too

  15. Stefanie Kaspar

    This was a wonderful journey to go through.

    Helpful thoughts and inspirations.

  16. Leila Nerae

    I actually bought this after seeing some abandonment issues prompts. The shadow work prompts in this journal are WAYY more insightful. I hope another comes out in the future

  17. sarah v

    I love it so far

  18. Honey W.

    I already feel I have a better understanding of myself. This has given me a new view and has been very uplifting in my own spiritual progression.

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