Are you interested in my help? The following is a list of services you can request:

Include any questions, along with relevant life experiences, you’d like insight on. Ask me for in-depth insight and solutions for your personal triggers, projections, attachment styles, dysfunctional habits, shameful or guilty pleasures, limiting beliefs, connection with Inner Child, etc.

Include your sex, age, occupation, dream (please omit personal details), a sentence or two of any significant context going on in your life, your feelings within the dream, and anything worth noting about any dream elements. We are more likely to choose dreams that are one to three paragraphs long.

Click any of the links above to send me your inquiry.

How my coaching works:

My coaching services are limited and I can’t get to everyone.

If the topic is general and simple enough, I’ll make it into a TikTok/YouTube video for public content. No personal info is shared. I’ll notify you via email that your request has been fulfilled for FREE.

If your email needs a personal touch or otherwise, I will reply with an asking price between $60 to $350.

After payment, you will receive one (1) personalized video addressing your message. After you receive your video, the service is complete.

The average cost of one personalized coaching/consultation video is $110. Non-refundable.

No personal information is ever shared on any platform for any reason. Your privacy is #1.

– Rich (Inner Shadow Work)

Testimonials from 2021

Great service! I’ve been meeting with him multiple times and he is always on point, gives solid advice and helps me build the life I want. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a shadow integration coach or spiritual guid to speak with Him.

Whitney Howe

He gives a lot from his own interesting experiences and genuinely wants me to be more loving towards myself. With a 28 miute video he actually helped me to move through alot of my inner obstacles.


Outstanding! Exactly what i needed

John Albe

Excellent as always! Interesting interpretation 🙂 A big “Thank you”!


Very quick responses to all inquiries. Delivered my dream intepretation faster than anticipated. Would definitely recommend!


Rich and his fellow dreamworker gives outstanding readings and his guidance and information about my dream was very authentic and helpful.


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