What is the purpose of a heyoka?

In this post, we discuss what is the purpose of a heyoka.

What is the purpose of a heyoka?

Heyokas aid in the evolution of others by mirroring their own behaviors back to them. A heyoka empath can “mirror” other people’s emotions and problems, forcing them to consider who they truly are.

Heyokas are exceptionally intuitive and wise. This makes people feel at ease confiding in them.

They are also known as “Pain-Eaters” or “Two-Spirits” for their ability to take on the pains and worries of others simply by listening.

Deep down, the heyoka detects illness in others and will mirror what this person needs to learn to heal their pain.

Without the right Empath Protection Tools and Empath Protection Crystals, heyoka empaths can become depressed, overwhelmed, and anxious, and they may turn to drugs and alcohol to cope.

A Heyoka empath’s role is to mirror the emotions of others and to serve as a mentor to them. This implies that they should not only assist people in identifying their emotions, but also in determining how to process them. The same is true when they assist people in discovering their flaws and weaknesses. Their ability to reflect back on other people’s statements allows them to become more self-aware and examine their own doubts and weaknesses.

The Super Empath (referred to as “Heyoka” by the Lakota Tribe) is a spiritual mirror endowed with empathic, narcissistic, and even psychopathic traits for the sole purpose of catalyzing healing in whoever happens to manifest in front of them.

They are not your typical professional victim “empath” whining on Quora about how “good” they are compared to how “evil” the Narcissist is.

By necessity, the Heyoka Empath is equal parts dark and light. There is no effort to suppress, deny, or project their dark side (as is so common with other empaths).

A Heyoka’s purpose is to expose the dark side of behaviors and bring them to light. A Heyoka Empath can detect when humor is required. Heyoka will use humor to defuse potentially explosive situations; in this case, laughter is the best medicine. Historically, clowning has been used to express a more lighthearted attitude toward unruly behavior, disrespectful manners, and potentially dangerous activities. Heyoka will respond by creating a ridiculous depiction that will make people laugh at the human experience and our ways. They reveal and assist in the release of what is hidden and guarded in guilt and shame, assisting people to unburden and heal.

Because the Super Empath exudes a certain energy and aura. They have a higher level of emotional intelligence than most empaths. A Super Empath is extremely rare, and a narcissist can easily identify one. Once they do, they must have a high level of empathy. It drives them insane. A Super Empath can be hurt and damaged by being in a relationship with a narcissist because they can withstand a great deal of abuse from the narcissist while remaining empathic towards the narcissist. They frequently stay in a relationship for far too long and are frequently hurt as a result. A SE, on the other hand, can be a narcissist’s worst nightmare because they will eventually see the narcissist’s abuse as an injustice. The SE will then enter Supernova mode and engage the narcissist in a battle of wills. They will seriously injure the narcissist. Because the SE realizes that the narcissist is pure evil and will not stop, the SE will finally say f off to the narcissist and go forever no contact. However, the SE is so tenacious in their pursuit of justice that they will never give up; they will simply go completely silent.

Why you should fix your attachment style to have better relationships

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Everyone deserves to have healthy, happy relationships. But lots of us are stuck in cycles of unhealthy and toxic relationships.

This is thanks to our upbringing and how we learned to relate to others.

For some, this means an anxious attachment style, where we are needy and have a fear of abandonment.

Meanwhile, others have an avoidant attachment style, where we keep emotional distance because we’re afraid of getting too close.

Both of these are insecure attachment styles.

What’s the solution?

To build an earned secure attachment style. This means that we understand ourselves and others. While also being able to relate to our past experiences in a healthy way.

This isn’t easy. It takes time and introspection. But it’s well worth it if it means getting the healthy and happy relationships you know you’ve always deserved

That we all deserve.

Get ahold of inner work exercises to help build your earned secure attachment style, so you can put an end to this cycle of toxic relationships once and for all.

Here are some resources I recommend:

Shadow Work for Beginners is based on my in-depth research and personal experiences with shadow work, projection, sadomasochism, inner child healing, triggers, and all things shadow. This resource gets updated at no additional cost.

A Light Among Shadows is a guide on self-love and being. This series goes over consciousness, spirituality, philosophy, and makes sense of why people are the way they are. Recommended for anyone dealing with resentment and self-hate. Learn more here.

Shadow Work for Relationships teaches you everything you need to know about attachment theory, practical inner work, and your dysfunctional behavior. By the end of this, you will have developed your earned secure attachment style so you can put an end to your cycle of bad relationships.


Shadow Work Journal: 240 Daily Shadow Work Prompts contains inner work exercises related to relationships, anger, anxiety, self-love, healing trauma, abandonment issues, depression, forgiveness, etc.

Self-Love Subliminal for self-hypnotism that will help you change your behavior and gain self-love, self-awareness, better relationships, greater health, and improve your creativity.

Shadow Play (or “DsR”) is a sister website that goes over “sensual” shadow work through BDSM experiences. If you are 18+ and are interested, go here.

Mindful & Mending is a small website that’s about self-hypnosis, affirmations, auto-suggestion, and more techniques & tools to help you shift your unconscious mind. Check it out here.

Inner Shadow Work on TikTok and Instagram.


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