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Carl Jung & Synchronicity Examples

Are you looking for Carl Jung Synchronicity Examples? Well, you've come to the right place!

Nothing happens by chance, it is said: what we call coincidences are the result of synchronicity.

Have you ever been in a situation where there were so many coincidences that they seemed magical to you? Or find hidden connections between events, such as invisible threads that connect various locations and protagonists?

When you're thinking about someone, you might get a call from him or meet him. Chance, energy, and fate?

In psychology, we talk about synchronicity, a mysterious and magical aspect of our universe that is also real.

Carl Jung & Synchronicity Examples

Carl Gustav Jung classified synchronicity into three types in his work, which we include below with some examples to make them more understandable.

  • Thought and external elements

A match between a person's thought or an event mental, which can be a memory or a feeling, and one or more external elements of that particular moment. These must occur independently of any type of causal relationship. According to Jung, an example of this is when a patient told him that she had dreamed of a golden beetle and, at the same time, one of those same characteristics appeared in the consultation window. Another common example of this type of synchronicity is when you think about someone and then receive a message or a phone call from that person.

  • Mental state and perception

The coincidence of a person's psychic state (thought, memory, dreams, emotion...) with one or more external elements outside the person's field of perception that occurs at the time and can be verified later. An example of this type of synchronicity is when you dream about something that is happening in another location that you are unaware of at the time.

  • Thought and a future event

The third type of synchronicity is the coincidence of two facts or ideas that can be verified in the future. This manifests as a premonition, and the author emphasizes that the images on which this phenomenon is based do not have to be literal but can have a symbolic representation. We can also find examples of this type of synchronicity, such as hearing a lottery number and then touching or making a decision based on a supposed signal and then discovering that, for whatever reason, it was the wrong one.

Are there coincidences or is it synchronicity?

Assuming that synchronicity is a fairly complex phenomenon, it can be defined by some common points, such as the unpredictability of thoughts and/or events, which can happen at any time, and the lack of connection and cause between the situation we live in and our subjective state.

On the other hand, the importance and meaning we assign to this fact has an impact, because it is not just about the synchronicity of two or more events (which we call synchronicities), but also about the interpretation and content we assign to it based on our psychological state at the time. In this way, we may believe that these are signs of the universe in love or of luck because they are exactly what we require at the time. That is to say, coincidences do occur, but we assign a meaning to them to create a mental account that benefits us in our lives.

Synchronicity examples

Although we've already listed the most common examples of synchronicity that we've all encountered at some point in our lives, we've included a few more to reflect on in these small details and provide a personal interpretation.

  • A personal issue

Have a personal problem or conflict that you haven't told anyone about and find a clear solution to it on social media, in a song, or a television commercial. Even before you've considered how to solve it or are even aware that you need to.

  • Hours of reflection

Synchrony of hours is when you look at the clock or the time on your phone and see the double hours, mirror hours, or inverted mirror: 22h22, 12h12, 12h21, etc. Numerical synchronicity is not interpreted as one of life's coincidences in these cases, but some people believe it can be interpreted as a sign of destiny.

  • Get out of bed earlier

A few seconds before the alarm goes off, I wake up. Not only on days when you have a set routine, but also on weekends or when your schedule is different than usual.

  • Make a wish and it will come true

Consider changing jobs (internally) and receiving a call from a friend offering a position or someone openly stating that their company is looking for someone with similar qualities and training.

  • Stay away from mishaps

Finding out that there has been a traffic accident on the usual route on the day it is decided to take a different route at random. The same is true if you decide to change your vacation destination at the last minute only to find out later that a natural disaster has hit the area you were planning to visit.

  • Messages of hope

These are two people's coincidences. In these situations, one person may have difficulties or have certain thoughts, and the other usually responds appropriately. Some people believe that these are examples of signals from the universe instructing them to perform a specific action.

  • Strange encounters

Some people interpret synchronicities or synchrony with meaning beyond simple words as synchronicities or synchrony with meaning beyond simple words when they think about something concrete and strangers next to you are talking about the same thing.

  • Run into someone you've been thinking about

Another example of ‘signs of the universe' that people who interpret these coincidences look for is when you think of someone and then meet that person simultaneously or later.

  • Music

Music can also be used to experience synchronicity. People usually have a melody in mind at these times, which can be heard in a corner or on the radio or television.

These are just a few examples of synchronicity, but there is an endless universe of coincidences that lead us to discover Jung's hypotheses and learn more about him.

Here is a list of our synchronicity articles:

How Shadow Work & Self-Love Increases Synchronicity

Shadow work is a process of building self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love.

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Many of our readers who find our website tell us all the time that finding us is has been a blessing.

They tell me it's a blessing, meanwhile, I think it's fate.

Something in them has already shown an interest in building self-love and self-awareness. That's why they've found this website.

It's synchronicity.

The fact that you found this page might be a sign that you're ready to do shadow work and learn more about yourself.

If you think fate has brought you here today, then⁠—

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