Can Synchronicity Be Bad, Wrong, or a Good Sign

Is synchronicity a good sign? Can synchronicity be bad or wrong?

Nothing happens by chance, it is said: what we call coincidences are the result of synchronicity.

Have you ever been in a situation where there were so many coincidences that they seemed magical to you? Or find hidden connections between events, such as invisible threads that connect various locations and protagonists?

When you’re thinking about someone, you might get a call from him or meet him. Chance, energy, and fate?

In psychology, we talk about synchronicity, a mysterious and magical aspect of our universe that is also real.

Can Synchronicity Be Bad, Wrong, or a Good Sign

Negative or unfavourable synchronicity can sometimes appear as a guide to help you find your way.

A path or direction that is more appropriate and aligned with who you’ve become, or are on the verge of becoming (the next best version of yourself).

If something synchronistic happens to you and you don’t feel good or right about it, don’t believe Life is directing you in that direction.

You are not meant to return to an ex or an old job that no longer resonates with you simply because you see a “sign” pointing you in that direction!

It’s crucial to be true to yourself; you must have the courage to believe in yourself.

Wrong-feeling signs and synchronicities may appear because some aspect of your old self is still alive in you and needs to die.

The “negative” synchronicities appear for you to become even more clear about the path you want to take.

It’s one of the ways the Universe assists you in strengthening your point of focus (on the aligned things).

All you have to do is choose if you understand the true and deeper meaning and allow it to show you that there is a higher path for you.

Meaning, don’t fall into the trap of believing that Life wants you to do something you’ve outgrown or that doesn’t fit or match the new you you’ve become.

Can synchronicity be bad or wrong?

Negative synchronicities can appear to show you that ‘hey, you’re not that anymore/not that’s for you anymore, you need to change direction and reject the old’ if you hold on to some old aspects of yourself.

So, if something about the synchronicity feels off, bad, or out of place, trust your instincts and head in the direction of the Unknown instead.

That’s where your new (or more aligned) life is, and it’s where Life is directing you.

We’re always evolving and progressing in life, which is why it’s critical to improve your self-awareness so you can recognise the right cues and signs from the Universe.

Follow your most ecstatic feelings and avoid anything that makes you feel dreadful or confining.

A “negative” synchronicity can appear when there is a remnant of something old in you that needs to be released.

If this happens, you should consider whether the synchronicity is expanding or contracting you, whether it is making you feel weaker or more confident and empowered.

If it makes you feel smaller, know that it’s a signpost with a different meaning than the false self would like you to believe (due to its aversion to change).

It’s like a warning sign from the Universe, informing you that you need to focus more on the new you, on your new path, and let go of the old, even if it’s scary.

Consider negative synchronicity as a loving stop sign from the Universe, urging you to pause, become aware, and consider the path you truly desire rather than the path that belongs to the past, to the old you.

When this happens, when you notice a synchronicity in your life that you don’t like or resonate with, and it kind of shoves itself in your face, ask yourself why it’s there.

Ask yourself, “Why am I seeing this?” and you’ll hear your inner voice say, “It’s always about letting go of something, or an aspect of yourself that is old and out of alignment with who you are now.”

You’re not supposed to follow or respond to every synchronicity (or sign, for that matter!) that crosses your path; only the ones that feel right in your heart (even if you don’t understand them at the time).

And “right” does not imply that every decision we make in life is “simple” or “comfortable.”

Decisions can be difficult/uncomfortable/painful/scary to make at times, but the choices that are right for us always have a sense of “rightness” to them.

If the synchronicity lowers your vibration in any way (for example, if you feel dread or your heart sinks), you have the option of rejecting it.

If something doesn’t sit well with you (for whatever reason), you have the choice to let it go and redirect your attention to what is in alignment with who you are or want to be (the new, higher version of you).

Concentrate even more on that; that is how you will resolve the conflict within and with what you truly desire.

For a moment, go within and ask yourself what the most aligned decision or choice would be when negative synchronicities appear in your life; your inner being will tell you.

And remember that they are showing up for you at this time in your life because you are ready to let something go, so don’t be afraid to let it go.

Believe in the Unknown, the New, and Yourself.

That is how and where your most powerful, empowering, and inspiring life exists and unfolds!

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